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Richard Haste, an NYPD officer, killed an unarmed black teen (Ramarley Graham) in front of his grandmother and 6-year-old brother at point blank range over marijuana. The landlady, Paulet Minzie, 55, ran out the shower with only a towel after hearing the gunshots. Officers then put a gun to her head and told her to put her hands up. It wasn’t until she told them that there were cameras surveilling them, that they put their guns down.
Court papers say “[He\] immediately lowered his weapon. His demeanor completely changed, and he alerted his colleague that they may be on camera,”. The footage later revealed that Graham walked calmly to his apartment followed by police barging in without a warrant, contradicting the officers original claim that the teenager was running away from him. (Source)
Haste was freed on $50,000 bail yesterday after pleading not guilty. Police cheered for him as the parents of Graham wept in the court room.

Truly ashamed to be American

mfw i was only 4 blocks away from this incident.

I was concerned with the Daily News sourcing so I did some more research and…it’s worse.
First off, Haste didn’t even get a conviction for manslaughter, and he won the case entirely on a technicality, but rather than order a mistrial, the judge simply dismissed the case entirely. What was the technicality? The prosecution asked the jury to disregard evidence that Haste was told the teen had a gun. Most likely for good reason, as it still wouldn’t justify Haste’s actions. 
Second, when he shot Graham, he also pointed a gun at a neighbor who had rushed out to see what was going on, and was wearing a towel, and forced her to hold up her hands, which made her reveal herself to the officers. This is so wildly inappropriate of the officers. That woman is filing a civil suit, but the issue here is a civil suit does not typically result in jail time. 
And lastly, despite there being multiple witnesses, video evidence, and a clear crime committed here, Haste won’t be re-indicted with the courts claiming there is “not enough evidence”.
It can be hard to tell, from the outside, but to me, this is utterly despicable. An absolute failure of justice. 
- Mod Dawes Sr.

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